I am a conservation scientist and tropical ecologist. I am generally interested in how policies impact on-the-ground spatial and ecological processes. I find the integration of social and natural science exceedingly important as we tackling complex conservation issues.

I am currently an Associate Scientist at Conservation International in the Gordon and Betty Moore Center for Science. I served as a Visiting Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at Fort Lewis College during school year 2016/2017, and I received my Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Department, Dr. Thomas Lacher’s Lab in College Station, Texas, USA.

My new research focuses on commodity supply chains, with the specific goal of developing transparent supply chains to reduce deforestation and better understand natures role in our global production systems. My on-going research focuses on landscape ecology, tropical mammalian ecology and environmental policies. Specifically, government payment for ecosystem services programs, biological corridor policies, and how these policies/programs influence target conservation mammalian species within the biological corridor of Paso de Las Nubes in Costa Rica.